CNH Sponsors Solar Car Team Innoptus, Who Dominated As World Champions

Feb 29, 2024 4:00 PM ET

CNH-sponsored Team Innoptus recently won the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. The World Solar Challenge included an international assembly of solar powered cars driving 3,000 kilometers through the outback from Darwin to Adelaide.

Team Innoptus was recorded as the fastest team, with an average speed of 88 km per hour in five days. CNH was proud to sponsor Team Innoptus as they excelled in speed and innovative sustainable design.

“So, we spent fifteen months building a car, with a mindset like, okay, we’re going for that world championship title. But to actually achieve that now, that is… that’s unlikely, that’s really great,” said Ebert Kiekens, an Innoptus Team Member.

With this victory, CNH welcomed Team Innoptus to their Zedelgem plant in February 2024. In their visit, the Team provided a presentation on the mechanics of the solar car and the strategy that won them the World Championship title.

Meanwhile, the Team Innoptus solar car was left on display in the showroom, showcasing that its sustainable design is not only innovative, but stylish as well.

Students from the University KUL Bruges attended the presentation in the second half of the day, where they got special insights from the Team on their victory. The students and Team Innoptus members were invited on a guided tour of the plant where they had the chance to learn more about the plant and explore possible internships at Zedelgem with CNH.

Steven Devos, who managed the sponsorship of Team Innoptus on behalf of CNH, attended the event. “Many happy faces from participants. Colleagues found [the presentation] interesting to hear,’ said Steven, ‘And students were glad about the guided tour. After each presentation from the solar team, there were many questions from the audience, which showed their genuine interest.”

To learn more about their victory, check out the Team Innoptus aftermovie, a short film following their journey at the Bridgestone World Challenge. CNH’s support of Team Innoptus demonstrates the company’s firm commitment to sustainability and new paths of innovation.