CNH Industrial Attends Sustainability Conference With CEJA Young Farmers

Sep 12, 2023 4:00 PM ET
"Promoting agriculture as a professional and exciting career"
Gianluca Feligini emphasized the importance of understanding farmers' needs and encouraging more young people to see agriculture as a professional, productive, and exciting career.

CNH Industrial recently attended the "Road to Sustainability in Agriculture 2023" conference hosted by CEJA Young Farmers. This affirms the company’s commitment to finding a balance between investing in new technologies that support our sustainability goals and educating new generations of farmers.

Gianluca Feligini, Head of Precision Technology EMEA, represented the company and spoke in an interview held by the conference. He emphasized the importance of an approach designed to understand farmers' needs and encourage more young people to see agriculture as a professional, productive, and exciting career. By focusing on precision technology, the company believes that the future of agriculture will receive the necessary resources to improve their skills.

"In 2022, we delivered more than 14,000 hours of educational sessions in Europe for about 5,000 participants", said Feligini, who spoke about CNH Industrial’s training programs to facilitate the onboarding of innovative solutions at our dealers and customers.

Feligini also elaborated on the three essential ways that CNH Industrial aims to support the agriculture industry: alternative propulsion, artificial intelligence, and digitalization -- where the company has been making significant investments.

‘We have been doing this through targeted acquisitions,’ says Feligini, ‘namely Bennamann, Monarch, and the investment on our new electrification center in Detroit, Michigan. There are also many autonomous and automation solutions that we brought to market again, relatively to the space of artificial intelligence. This is really helping us to advance our artificial intelligence at a fast pace and obviously the acquisition of Raven in June 2021 for us has been a key milestone.’

He continues, ‘At CNH Industrial, we are really keen on marrying great iron with great technology’. And yet, Feligini finds it equally important to highlight how ‘…critical it is to work as a team across the industry and across stakeholders – be it the farmers, the legislators, or us, as technology providers. So, only by working together in sync and as a team, we are really going to be effective and efficient in terms of moving the industry forward at a fast pace.’

With Feligini’s attendance and participation in the conference, CNH Industrial affirms its dedication to the future ahead – both for agricultural professionals through educational programs, and for the rest of the world by facilitating sustainable goals through targeted acquisitions.