The SEE Impact Report 2022

SEE is a leading global provider of packaging solutions that safeguard food and protect essential goods during transit. In the same way our solutions offer unparalleled protection, SEE strives to protect its employees, the environment, and society and is focused on developing and deploying integrated solutions that deliver positive outcomes:

  • We provide customer benefits with material efficiencies, productive packaging processes, and waste reduction. 
  • We provide societal benefits with essential packaging materials that make food safer, diminish damage to essential goods, and keep people healthy.     
  • We provide environmental benefits with sustainable solutions, processes, and partnerships that help protect our planet.

Creating this positive impact starts with us, and how we operate. 

We’ve pledged that by 2025 all of our solutions will be designed for recyclability or reuse and that those solutions will contain an average of 50% recycled or renewable content. As part of our pledge, we also commit to collaborate on advanced recycling technology and infrastructure.  

SEE has set goals to improve its operational efficiency by 2030 in key areas such as energy, water, greenhouse gas emissions, and landfill diversion of manufacturing waste. We are making progress through focused internal efforts.

We were one of the first in the packaging industry to announce a pledge to reach net-zero carbon emissions from operations by 2040. Efforts are underway to define and execute strategies to achieve this ambitious goal.

SEE is driving the industry in creating circular value chains that prevent waste, enable the recovery of materials, and reduce dependence on natural resources. To accomplish this type of circularity, SEE is investing and collaborating in opportunities globally to accelerate scalable solutions.

Ultimately, SEE is in business to protect, solve critical packaging challenges, and make our world better than we find it. Our 2022 Impact Report demonstrates this purpose and shows how we are continuing to make strides with our solutions, with our operations, and with our customers to achieve sustainability goals.

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Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

From the SEE Impact Report: Circularity at Scale
Advancing the circularity of essential plastic packaging takes collaboration throughout the value chain. In its second food-grade plastics circularity project with ExxonMobil, SEE will divert approximately 900 tonnes of plastic waste annually from landfill or incineration in Aust

Responsible Production & Consumption

From the SEE Impact Report: Comprehensive Approach to Sustainability
By prioritizing environmental responsibility across the value chain, we design; develop; and deploy integrated automated, digital, and sustainable solutions that have positive impacts on our customers, their customers, and society.

Responsible Production & Consumption

From the SEE Impact Report: Q&A With Arnaud Brunet
The key is “design for performance” and “design for circularity” have to be done together. We work with association partners to emphasize how we must simultaneously protect the packaged product while designing our packaging solutions to be collected, sorted, and recycled.

Research, Reports & Publications

From the SEE Impact Report: Q&A With Alan Adams
SEE takes a holistic approach that enables customers to reduce their environmental impact and achieve their sustainability goals.

Responsible Production & Consumption

From the SEE Impact Report: Innovation and Product Design
The solutions created by packaging provider SEE create value for global supply chains, consumers, and society and are aligned under four strategic areas.

Sustainable Development Goals

From the SEE Impact Report: Reducing Energy Consumption
Global packaging solutions provider SEE is implementing measures to increase energy efficiency and implementation of renewable energy sources across the value chain.

Sustainable Development Goals

From the SEE Impact Report: Mitigating Climate Change
SEE, a global packaging provider, is developing a strategy to effectively manage and reduce the GHG emissions associated with its operations and achieve the goals the company has set to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change.

Responsible Production & Consumption

From the SEE® Impact Report: Q&A With Scientist Manali Banerjee, Ph.D.
SEE's innovators are committed to solving the challenges of customers, stakeholders, and society. In this Q&A, senior scientist Manali Banerjee talks about her role in developing new paper and cellulose packaging solutions.


From the SEE® Impact Report: Association Partnerships Strengthen the Packaging Industry
Global packaging solutions provider SEE® partners with industry associations and organizations worldwide to help solve critical packaging challenges, reduce plastic waste, and enable circularity.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

From the SEE® Impact Report: Enabling a Circular Economy
Global packaging provider SEE® is driving the adoption of circular business models that support the creation of products that can be recovered and recycled, contribute to consumer waste diversion efforts, and enhance the supply of material for future reuse.
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