From the SEE Impact Report: Innovation and Product Design

Mar 19, 2024 8:40 AM ET
Food processing employee in white lab coat and blue gloves handles meat for packaging on a steel piece of equipment made for food packaging

Originally published in the SEE Impact Report 2022

Global packaging solutions provider SEE innovates across its solutions portfolio; pursues business model innovation; and explores new technologies, alternative materials, manufacturing advancements, automation, and digital to create sustainable offerings. We continue to refine our efforts to expand and accelerate SEE Net Positive by creating value and aligning under four strategic areas:

Comprehensive Approach to Sustainability

SEE is integrating automation, digital, and sustainable packaging solutions to enhance our customers’ ability to achieve their sustainability goals.

Circularity at Scale

SEE is creating scalable solutions to accelerate circularity, prevent waste, increase recovery of materials, and reduce dependency on natural resources.

Proactive Collaboration and Engagement

Collaboration and engagement transform our approach to delivering scalable solutions that advance sustainable development and create a competitive advantage for SEE and our customers.

Innovations That Perform

The development and delivery of innovative solutions set a new standard for performance, generate measurable results, and drive sustainability and growth.

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