Sanofi Foundation for North America

Sanofi Foundation for North America

At the Foundation, we strive to reduce healthcare inequalities in the U.S. through strategic charitable donations and by establishing partnerships with non-government organizations that have broad expertise in our long-term priorities.

The Sanofi Foundation for North America provides no cost product to eligible uninsured patients and patients who do not have access to product via their insurance.

The Foundation has a cash component used for charitable donations with both a local and national focus.

Focus Areas

  • Access to Healthcare:  Improve access to healthcare for patients in North America, especially children.
  • Community:  Fund programs focused on diverse community and societal needs in locations where our employees live and work, that also provide opportunities for Sanofi employee engagement and diversity.
  • Healthy Planet:  Fund programs that contribute to environmental sustainability.
  • Disaster Relief:  Provide emergency relief through our existing NGO partners.


Content from this campaign

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