Announcing the Inaugural Sanofi Foundation for North America Annual Review

Announcing the Inaugural Sanofi Foundation for North America Annual Review

A Testament to Commitment
Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - 10:00am

CAMPAIGN: Sanofi Foundation for North America


This post was authored by John Spinnato, President, Sanofi Foundation for North America at Sanofi

The release of our inaugural Sanofi Foundation for North America Review creates an opportunity to share an important part of our story.  This report represents a major chapter of the comprehensive work that defines our global company. The focus of this document is on our Foundation’s efforts within North America, and we want to share the impact of the work we’ve done these past two years, which generally falls into two categories:

• Access to Healthcare: This includes all of our donations of products and resources, disaster relief, and co-pay assistance. The Sanofi Patient Connection program manages parts of the Foundation, including our Patient Assistance Program product donations, co-pay assistance, and non-government organization (NGO) disaster relief support.

• Social investments: Recently added to the Foundation, this area is the so-called “People Pillar” of Corporate Social Responsibility. You’ll notice that we’ve expanded our efforts to offer a greater commitment of time and resources to form meaningful community partnerships through employee skills-based volunteering, awareness campaigns, and employee education, and we have broadened our financial-donation commitments. This area also encompasses our employee matching-gifts program.

Where are we now?
We are in the process of creating deeper resources for the patients that qualify for assistance. This requires developing and identifying more meaningful partnerships where our people’s resources and skills are applied in ways that help with capacity-building, and have a major, positive impact on our nonprofit partners that serve the community. We are really just getting started in this area, and will continue to learn more about these organizations, their needs, and how we can deepen our partnerships with them.

Communicating our impact for the years 2012 and 2013, we will post a full list of our efforts on our website and provide periodic updates.

More than anything, this annual review represents the sum total of our commitment. It’s a testament to the meaningful ways we help patients and the community, and how we engage our employees in our efforts. We encourage our employees to share this information more broadly. We feel great pride in this, and know that the people we work with each day really do care and want to make a positive difference.

I look forward to our future as we further define our goals, deepen our capabilities, and build even stronger connections to the people we serve: our patients and communities.