MetLife Global Impact 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

MetLife is committed to building a more secure future for individuals, families and communities around the world. MetLife demonstrates its commitment to corporate responsibility through the security it provides customers, the claims it pays during their times of need, its activities and investments in the communities that it serves, and its long-term investments in the broader economy. MetLife manages its business with the goal of responsibly delivering long-term value for all of its stakeholders.

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Social Impact & Volunteering

MetLife Foundation: Building Resilient Communities
Since 2013, MetLife Foundation has focused its resources and expertise on advancing financial inclusion, with the majority of grants and program-related investments targeting this area. Remaining grants are directed toward improving the health and resiliency of the communities where MetLife operates.

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

Leveraging Behavioral Economics to Drive Positive Change
To encourage healthier financial behavior among their customers, financial institutions must first understand why people make certain decisions. By applying behavioral economics insights to their product offerings and service approach, our partner organizations are more effectively helping clients spend less and save more.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Expanding Access to Insurance
We seek to make insurance simple and accessible by offering useful products and services through convenient channels. We are achieving this objective by broadening access to affordable products and services, offering insurance to middle-class and disadvantaged populations and establishing a presence in countries where protection products are difficult to obtain.


Engaging Employees on the Environment
In 2017, MetLife mobilized more than 10,000 employees through Our Green Impact, our company-wide program to empower employees to reduce environmental impact at the office, at home and in our communities. Employees learn from sustainability experts through our quarterly speaker series, share tips through newsletters and discussion boards, and volunteer in their communities throughout the year. In 2017, MetLife employees and their families contributed more than 1,000 hours to park and beach clean-ups, tree plantings and other environmental service projects.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Creating a Great Place to Work
It is important that our employees at all levels see themselves as valued contributors to our organization and have the tools they need to succeed.

Innovation & Technology

Tapping Into Tech to Accelerate Digital Innovation
Backed by a $100 million investment fund, we launched MetLife Digital Ventures in 2017 to accelerate MetLife’s transformation through direct investment in startups that can bring new innovations to MetLife’s customers. Direct investment allows MetLife to share our expertise with these startups and influence the products and capabilities they offer, provide opportunities to expand their businesses and generate returns on our investment.

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

Learn More About MetLife's Impact Investments
MetLife Investment Management, MetLife’s institutional asset management platform, manages $587.3 billion for MetLife’s general account and institutional investors, such as pension plans and insurance companies. We define impact investments as those that generate social or environmental benefits while also providing financial returns.

Sustainable Development Goals

MetLife Aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals

Research, Reports & Publications

MetLife Social Impact Investments Rise to $50 Billion
MetLife, Inc. today announced its impact investment portfolio grew to $50 billion in 2017, an increase of 12 percent year-over-year from 2016 to 2017, and MetLife Foundation reached more than six million low-income individuals through the fourth year of its five year, $200 million dollar commitment to financial inclusion.
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