Creating a Great Place to Work

Equipping employees to deliver on our strategy
Aug 13, 2018 9:45 AM ET

MetLife strives to develop a workplace culture in which employees are engaged, motivated and inspired. We provide employees with opportunities to develop their unique abilities and talents — helping us deliver for our customers and fuel our success. 

We have made significant progress in building a diverse, inclusive and motivational culture. In the coming years, we intend to do even more to build the next generation of leaders and create a future-focused workplace that attracts and retains the best talent.

It is important that our employees at all levels see themselves as valued contributors to our organization and have the tools they need to succeed. In 2017, we focused on embedding the company's corporate transformation strategy across the organization. This transformation will help us thrive in a range of operating environments, be a trusted partner for our customers, and differentiate MetLife from peers. In 2017, employees took part in new programs we developed to engage them in the enterprise strategy, including:

  • Leadership training: We implemented “Leading our Transformation,” an interactive, virtual training, to help MetLife’s more than 4,000 leaders better connect the new strategy to their day-to-day responsibilities. 84 percent of managers completed the course.
  • Employee training: The “Delivering on our Strategy” online course was created to help employees integrate the new strategy into their work. More than 22,000 employees completed the course in 2017
  • Strategy hub: A robust site that provides employees with articles, videos, and other information on the strategy, and a way to relay feedback to management.
  • An enterprise strategy group on Yammer, our internal social networking platform, where employees can interact with MetLife leaders and peers on the enterprise strategy.

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