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A WELL Certified™ project has the potential to add measurable value to the health, well-being and happiness of people in the buildings. It can also generate increased savings and productivity. Personnel costs significantly outweigh the costs for design and construction and operations and maintenance, with employers spending 90 percent of their annual operating costs on people. This means that even a small impact on productivity, engagement and satisfaction in the workplace can have huge returns on investment. By channeling resources toward reducing the biggest line item in the 30-year costs of a building—the personnel—the business case for WELL features a meaningful return on investment. View WELL projects.

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Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

How To Design Workplace Programs for Mental Health, According to One Chief Medical Officer
Shifting culture toward employee engagement and productivity often integrates well-being strategies systematically across work, workplace, and workforce.

Health & Healthcare

New Organizations Join IWBI Membership Program, Expanding Global Reach
The International WELL Building Institute is pleased to announce new organizations that have joined its membership program, an expanding global program that offers commercial benefits, as well as brand visibility and networking opportunities.

Events, Media & Communications

Health & Well-Being Takes Center Stage at 2022 Smart City Expo in Miami
Miami kicks off the 2-day Smart City Expo today and tomorrow (Sept. 14-15).

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

At TD, a WELL Seal Adds Confidence To Help Customers Thrive
To deliver “legendary customer experiences and extraordinary places to work”, TD tapped the WELL Building Standard as early as 2015 to leverage WELL’s holistic approach to buildings, organizations and communities.

Health & Healthcare

The Jewish Home of Rochester Receives IWBI's WELL Health-Safety Rating - First in the Region
Jewish Senior Life, a senior living community serving more than 1,000 residents and patients in Rochester, NY, announced today that it has received the WELL Health-Safety Rating from the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI).

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

A Global Bank's Way To Welcome People Back Equitably
IWBI’s Signature Interview Series: Jack Noonan, IWBI Vice President, Asia Pacific, sits down with Peter Simpson, Global Head Safety & Security,

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

IWBI Named a Top Workplace
We are thrilled to announce that for the second consecutive year, IWBI has been named a Top Workplace in amNY’s 2022 Top Workplaces.

Research, Reports & Publications

New White Paper Offers Actionable Insights on Workplace Well-being
A new white paper published by Deloitte offers new insights on how the evolution of well-being in the workplace is pushing employers to take an integrated approach to establishing a culture that helps support employees’ overall physical and mental well-being.

Health & Healthcare

Statement From IWBI on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021
We applaud both the President and Congress for taking bipartisan action for the bill’s passage, as well as for the inclusion of new investments to support infrastructure improvements designed to help advance health and well-being in buildings.

Health & Healthcare

Why Building Performance Matters More Than Ever
We have seen it before, and we’ll see it again: a new building that looks incredible, designed and constructed to the highest standards available at the time, well-equipped with the latest technology.

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