Innovation Spotlight: Duke Energy

At Duke Energy, we’re always improving operations and finding smart, safe and innovative ways to power the communities we serve. We’re embracing new technologies, like a smarter electric grid and energy storage solutions, and forward-thinking strategies, like using a diverse mix of energy sources to meet our customers’ demand for affordable, reliable electricity while balancing environmental responsibility.

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Every Growing Season, Will Ricks Looks for Monarchs. Here's Why
On a humid day in late August, Will Ricks is out in the field surveying for pollinators. He takes in the sight of colorful nectar plants and the gentle buzzing of bees, a picturesque backdrop for Ricks’ work as a senior environmental scientist at Duke Energy.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Ben Zhang and Team Use Data Science for a Cleaner, Resilient Electric Grid
Ben Zhang’s teammates are using data science to help Duke Energy plan for the future. Some are helping customers be more energy efficient, and others are helping add new technologies and carbon-free energy sources.

Innovation & Technology

Spot the Robot Dog Helps Humans Inspect Nuclear Power Plant
Spot, the four-legged robot dog, purchased in 2021, is the newest inspector gadget to join Oconee and the company’s growing pack of robotic technology.


Look Inside Duke Energy's Renewable Control Center
About 30 employees work 12-hour shifts at Duke Energy’s Renewable Control Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, to monitor and control wind turbines, solar panels and batteries in 22 states.


Her Mission: Plant Trees to Ensure City's Future
With the help of thousands of volunteers, TreesCharlotte has planted 42,481 trees since the nonprofit launched in 2012. But keeping Charlotte’s tree canopy healthy will require much more than volunteers with shovels and saplings. It takes a city.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Duke Energy Commits Nearly $500,000 in Grants to Organizations That Preserve, Enhance South Carolina's Natural Resources
The Duke Energy Foundation has awarded nearly $500,000 in grants to 16 South Carolina organizations that will fund wildlife conservation efforts, environmental projects and educational programs across the state.

Innovation & Technology

All About Solar Energy
As the largest object in our solar system, the sun makes up 99.8 percent of the mass of all the system's planets and pieces combined. A star that big shines enough light on the Earth every hour to power the world’s annual electricity needs.


Duke Energy Begins Construction on Largest Solar Plant in Surry County, N.C.
Duke Energy continues to expand solar power in North Carolina with construction starting on its 22.6-megawatt (MW) Stony Knoll Solar power plant. Once completed, it will be the largest solar plant in Surry County.


Duke Energy Plans North Carolina's Largest Battery Storage Projects as Part of Western Carolinas Modernization Plan
As part of its continued commitment to building a smarter energy future, Duke Energy today announced plans to install North Carolina's two largest battery energy storage systems – a $30 million investment as part of the company's Western Carolinas Modernization Plan.


Self-Healing Technology Helps Improve Energy Grid Reliability
The self-healing system can automatically detect, isolate and reroute power when a problem occurs. This helps reduce the number of outages, decrease the duration of outages and can even help restore power in a matter of minutes. And the best part, this can be done before anyone reports a power outage.

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