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t’s in our DNA to act responsibly – for people, for our communities, and for the planet. We believe in doing our part for this world, so we challenge ourselves to improve our environmental performance every day. We’re now setting even bigger ambitions to make an even bigger impact. We know we must do more, and we’re driven to do just that.

To create and implement meaningful change, we’re looking at how we work both internally and across our entire value chain from the cotton field to the consumer’s disposal of our product at the end of its life. Unlike most other apparel brands, we own and run the vast majority of our product and fabric manufacturing. That makes a huge difference. It puts us in the driver’s seat, making management decisions and acting on them swiftly. It means we can think bigger and make a greater impact.

Through our Global Environmental Management System (GEMS), we share guiding policies and actionable procedures to put environmental responsibility at the core of our facilities worldwide. Continuous improvement of our environmental performance is part of our culture going beyond reducing costs and business risks to inspiring what we do and why we do it.

To promote change across the apparel industry we’re also active in initiatives such as the Sustainable Apparel Coalitionthe Sustainability Consortium and the Corporate Eco Forum.

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Sustainable Development Goals

HanesBrands Reaches Solar Energy Milestones
Advancing energy efficiency practices at our facilities is critical to HanesBrands’ sustainability strategy. We have set an ambitious goal of manufacturing with 100% renewable electricity by 2030.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

HanesBrands Recognized for Sustainability Leadership, Earning A- Scores in Both Climate Change and Water Security From CDP
HanesBrands has been recognized with an A- score on the global CDP annual sustainability disclosures across two key areas of environmental impact – climate change and water security.


Champion Celebrates Eco Future Collection and Treedom Partnership
To celebrate Champion Europe’s Fall/Winter 2022 Eco Future collection, the brand will plant its 5th forest in partnership with Treedom. The Eco Future Forest will add to the already four forests and nearly 5,000 trees planted through the company’s partnership with Treedom, which began in 2020.


“HBI Forest” Part of Thailand Tree Planting Project
Since the tree planting initiative began in 2014, associates at our facility in Thailand have planted more than 65,000 trees. Recently, our team planted 20,000 trees on land allocated by the local forest department, now known as the “HBI Forest.”

Responsible Production & Consumption

HBI Dominican Republic Launches Sustainable Fashion Project
HBI in the Dominican Republic has partnered with the Slow Fashion Foundation and a group of public and private entities to launch the Textile Recovery Project, helping to transform the fashion and apparel industry into a more environmentally friendly business.

Green Infrastructure

Sunshine and Savings: HBI Celebrates First Company-Owned Solar Power Project
HanesBrands is making a difference with our largest direct investment in company-owned solar energy equipment at our sewing facility in Surin, Thailand. Our Surin plant will operate on 50% renewable solar power, beginning in September.


Washing Your Clothes With Cold Water Can Help Save Carbon Emissions and Ocean Pollution
Did you know that if we all washed our clothes in cold water, we could reduce about 50% of the greenhouse gases for the life of a garment?

Sustainable Development Goals

HanesBrands Announces Progress Toward 2030 Global Sustainability Goals Impacting People, Planet and Product
HanesBrands Inc., a global leader in iconic apparel brands, is releasing its 2021 Sustainability Summary Report outlining progress and plans toward reaching aggressive sustainability goals by 2030.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

HanesBrands Is Proud to Be Recognized With Another A Grade Rating in Baptist World Aid's 2021 Ethical Fashion Report
HanesBrands is proud to be recognized with another A grade rating in Baptist World Aid’s 2021 Ethical Fashion Report.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

HanesBrands Recognized for Sustainability Leadership with First 'A List' Score in CDP 2020 Climate Change Report
HanesBrands (NYSE:HBI) today announced it has earned its first “A List” recognition for leadership in corporate sustainability in the CDP 2020 Climate Change Report.
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