Ericsson I Environmental Sustainability

Proactive management of topics relating to climate action and environment is a core component of Ericsson’s sustainability strategy. We leverage a circular economy approach in everything we do; and work to reduce environmental impacts and emissions from our operations, our portfolio and in society.

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Green Infrastructure

Why Every Decision on 6G Must Put Sustainability First
At Ericsson we foresee many new use cases for future wireless networks, including advanced highly-demanding digital services such as immersive communication and massive digital twinning, but also use cases that can help us overcome the digital divide.


Collaborating for Net Zero: Insights and Strategies for Sustainable Telco Networks
Join this webinar, Collaborating for Net Zero: Insights and strategies for sustainable telco networks, where Kim Arrington Johnson, Principal Analyst, ABI Research and Mike Murphy, CTO, Ericsson North America will discuss the fundamentals of Net Zero strategies

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

Why Ericsson was Selected as ABI Research’s “Most Sustainable Telco Vendor”
In the ABI Research Sustainability Assessment, Ericsson was recognized as the “Most Sustainable Telco Vendor” out of more than 80 vendors for both impact and implementation.

Green Infrastructure

CTO Focus: Five Milestones on the Road to Emissions-Free Heavy Road Transport
Erik Ekudden, CTO of Ericsson, and Christian Levin, CEO of Scania, talk about the importance of intelligent, advanced, and emissions-free transport, as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


What American Early Technology Adopters Really Think About Climate-Related Future Challenges
Early tech adopters in the US expect connectivity and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to be critical solutions enabling us to live in a warmer world.


Canadian Consumers on Connectivity and Climate Change
What do high costs of living, extreme weather events and food and water shortages all have in common? These and other consequences of climate change will be more difficult to ignore as our world becomes hotter.

Research, Reports & Publications

Pioneering a Sustainable Future at Ericsson
Ericsson’s vision to improve lives, redefine business and pioneer a sustainable future is built on the power of limitless connectivity to deliver positive impact.

Innovation & Technology

Will We Choose Digital Over Physical Goods in Future? Time Will Tell
While it may take time for people to change their habits and become content with choosing digital over physical, it will ultimately help reduce environmental impact and conserve resources for future generations.


Strengthened Networks Portfolio Boosts Ericsson’s Drive Towards Net Zero Emissions
Ericsson’s leadership in supporting service providers’ Net Zero ambitions, while meeting market demands for higher 5G capacity and revenue growth, has taken a major step forward with the launch of an enhanced RAN and Transport portfolio.

Innovation & Technology

Adapting to Climate Change: Which Technologies Do Consumers Say They Want?
In our recent report on the impact of climate change on consumer trends, we explore how urban early adopters expect future connected services to help them tackle the challenges of a warmer world.

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