Collaborating for Net Zero: Insights and Strategies for Sustainable Telco Networks

May 24, 2023 12:45 PM ET

Originally published by Ericsson

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By 2028 mobile data traffic per smartphone is expected to increase by 21 percent and 5G subscription penetration will exceed 90 percent in North America—the highest globally. As the demand for mobile networks continues to grow, without action, network energy use and related carbon emissions will too. 

As Communications Service Providers (CSPs) set science-based climate targets to reach Net Zero and look to monetize their 5G networks, they will need to collaborate closely with telco vendors to reduce network energy consumption and minimize their environmental impact. 

ABI Research has analyzed the global telco vendor ecosystem to provide an in-depth view of companies that can best support CSPs in their drive toward Net Zero. Join this webinar, Collaborating for Net Zero: Insights and strategies for sustainable telco networks, where Kim Arrington Johnson, Principal Analyst, ABI Research and Mike Murphy, CTO, Ericsson North America will discuss the fundamentals of Net Zero strategies and share key insights, including:

  • ABI Research’s analysis to identify the “Most Sustainable Telco Vendor”
  • Key strategies to achieve Net Zero in network operations and supply chain
  • Actions CSPs can take to reach Net Zero goal

Join us to learn more on how we are redefining the best network as energy efficient, sustainable, and high performance.