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EDF Climate Corps is cultivating the next generation of sustainability professionals united to advance climate solutions. The first-of-its-kind fellowship program brings together an arsenal of top talent, resources and expertise in a variety of subject matters and industries to help organizations meet their climate and energy goals. Following their summer experience, which serves as a launching point to their careers, fellows gain access to an alumni network that facilitates lifelong learning and professional connections that empowers them to create impact at scales they couldn’t alone.

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What Presidential Hopefuls Can Learn From the Original “Climate Corps”
As candidates and public officials look to develop their policy ideas, they might look to lessons learned from the original Climate Corps – Environmental Defense Fund’s fellowship program that empowers the next generation of sustainability leaders to help major companies, organizations and industries to take action on clean energy and climate.


Meet the Young Minds Solving the Climate Crisis
As a Cruise Director for an expedition travel company in the Arctic and Antarctic, Meghan Kelly often found herself in conversations with locals about the receding coastline. She heard how decreasing sea ice is diminishing traditional hunting grounds, along with the passages between one community and the next in the Arctic. For the families who have been there for generations, surviving means adapting to a warmer climate.


Their Vote and Their Jobs: Millennials’ New Tools for Climate Advocacy
A new poll by CNN shows that climate change now ranks as the very top issue among Democratic voters – beating out historically popular issues like healthcare.

Engaging in climate advocacy is growing globally. And what I find to be especially interesting is the innovative approaches that people are taking to make their voices heard.


Hershey Aims to Cut the Carbon Footprint of its Chocolate with New Science-Based Target Commitment
One of the world’s top chocolate companies shared new plans for reducing its impact on the planet – including committing to set Science-Based Targets. But what sets Hershey apart from its peers is not this commitment. It’s the journey behind how it got here.


How the World's Largest Crowdfunder for Creativity is Kickstarting Sustainability
Where else can you bring creative projects, like a handheld printer that can imprint on any surface or soap that smells like bacon, to life? I’m a big fan of Kickstarter. So when I heard the company was inspiring its creators to make environmentally conscious decisions, I immediately wanted to learn more.


Why Clean Energy Investments Should be Part of Your Risk Management Strategy
There’s a new way to approach energy risks that should interest business leaders who navigate today’s changing economy.The message for anyone struggling with limited energy options is that applying pressure on state and national lawmakers is good for business and our economy.


3 Reasons Why Apple, Danone, Mars, Nestle and Unilever Just Stood up for Strong Climate Policy
In the media storm surrounding the midterm elections, you might have missed an important act of sustainability leadership. Five of the world’s leading brands filed public comments opposing the Administration’s Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule. The ACE rule would replace the Clean Power Plan, which all five companies have previously supported, and place no quantitative limits on climate pollution from power plants.

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This Election Day, Leverage Your Influence on Climate
I remember the exhilaration I felt as my mom and dad drew the curtain to fill out their ballot, and I know I’ll experience a similar sensation tomorrow when I cast a vote for what I believe in: A cleaner, better future.


4 Corporate Sustainability Trends all Business Leaders Should be Watching in 2018 - Part II
Earlier this year, I identified 4 corporate sustainability trends that all business leaders should be watching in 2018. Those trends were: growth in companies setting Science-Based Targets, greater attention towards reducing supply chain emissions, tech and internet companies stepping up on sustainability, and increased innovation.

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