Business and the environment are crucial to each other's success. EDF+Business. Where nature AND business prosper.

Sometimes unlikely partnerships drive incredible results. At Environmental Defense Fund, we believe that environmental progress and economic growth can and must go hand in hand. EDF+Business works with leading companies and investors to raise the bar for corporate sustainability leadership by setting aggressive, science-based goals; collaborating for scale across industries and global supply chains; publicly supporting smart environmental safeguards; and, accelerating environmental innovation

For over 25 years, EDF has leveraged cutting-edge science, economic expertise and unexpected partnerships to help high-impact companies – including Walmart, KKR and FedEx – transform business as usual in their products, operations, supply chains and advocacy.

Our world needs healthy environments and healthy businesses to truly thrive. This is not an either/or choice. EDF+Business is forging solutions that drive ROI for both.

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Sustainable Supply Chains
According to the Sustainability Consortium, the modern supply chain is responsible for 60% of all greenhouse gas emissions, 80% of all water use and...

EDF Climate Corps
EDF Climate Corps is cultivating the next generation of sustainability professionals united to advance climate solutions. The first-of-its-kind...

Corporate Sustainability Leadership
The bar for sustainability leadership had been raised. It’s no longer enough for a company to simply hoe its own garden. That’s why EDF+Business is...

The Business of Sustainability
Our Business of Sustainability blog and podcast series explores trends in sustainability leadership as part of our effort to pave the wave to a...

The Fourth Wave of Environmental Innovation
The Fourth Wave is the next wave of environmental progress, revolutionizing environmental protection and advocacy by employing cutting edge technology...

Sustainable Finance
Environmental Defense Fund’s (EDF) Sustainable Finance program works with the financial sector, with investors, and via public-private partnerships to...

EDF+Business Innovation and Best Practices Webinar Series
EDF+Business is proud to present the Greening the Global Shopping Cart webinar series. Supply chain solutions for our network of business leaders...


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