Sustainable Supply Chains

According to the Sustainability Consortium, the modern supply chain is responsible for 60% of all greenhouse gas emissions, 80% of all water use and 66% of all tropical deforestation. The EDF+Business Supply Chain team collaborates with high-impact companies, leveraging their power to drive environmental innovation, leadership and advocacy. We believe that when the products people use every day are produced sustainably, companies, communities and the planet can all thrive.

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Meet e-Commerce’s Sustainability Problem That Isn’t the Cardboard Box
With the click of a button, our groceries, clothes, personal care products, household items – just about anything – could arrive on our doorsteps in a neatly packaged cardboard box. It’s convenience, delivered. But at what cost?

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

India’s Largest Wine Producer Is Helping Its Customers Sip More Sustainably
Last year, global wine production rose to near-record highs, reaching a harvest of 292.3 million hectoliters – that’s more than 7.7 billion gallons. In the U.S. alone, domestic and imported wine sales reached $70.5 billion. The world clearly loves wine.

But, few industries feel the perils of climate change more directly than the wine industry. And with temperatures expected to only become more extreme, wineries are being forced to consider the long-term risk a changing climate will have on their business.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Top 3 Corporate Sustainability Trends all Business Leaders Should be Watching in 2019
Last year, I identified the top corporate sustainability trends of 2018. Six months later, I revisited those trends and shared company-specific examples that pointed to their growing traction.

I decided to repeat this process again for this year. But, before I share the top trends for 2019, let me first explain how they are identified.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

What the World Needs Now? Spotify for Sustainable Supply Chains
Businesses today are taking basic services and turning them into well-designed, convenient user-friendly experiences. You see it every day with companies like Spotify and Seamless. Or Netflix, which is suggesting I watch The Great British Baking Show, based on my family’s viewing-history.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

EDF Unveils Crowdsourced Platform to Accelerate Corporate Sustainability
A new crowdsourced web platform launched today aims to help sustainability professionals meet increasing demands to reduce corporate climate and chemical footprints and showcase results. The platform will fill a vital gap in sustainability departments’ capacity to stay informed on the latest resources to address environmental impacts across global supply chains.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

2020 Commodity-Sourcing Goals? These Tools Can Help With Supply Chain Traceability
Amidst rising deforestation rates, many companies have committed to eliminating deforestation from key commodity supply chains. As of June 2018, 473 companies globally committed to curbing deforestation in supply chains linked to palm oil, soy, timber and pulp, and cattle.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

Circularity has Finally Hit the Mainstream as Nestle, Mars, Danone and Clorox Join Loop to Test Reusable Packaging
Having lived and traveled in Southeast Asia for a number of years, I have seen and experienced the negative impacts of plastic pollution firsthand. I can’t count the number of times I’ve visited some of the world’s most breathtaking remote locations and couldn’t stop staring at the plastic everywhere.


COP24: A Chance For Companies To Act On Climate
What do we do about our changing climate? That’s the question world leaders will be focused on as the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, otherwise known as COP24 kicks off this week in Katowice, Poland.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Amazon Joins Walmart, Other Major Retailers on Safer Chemicals
Retail demand for safer products is not only here to stay – it’s now a source of competition in the evolving marketplace. Amazon is the latest retailer to join Walmart, Target, CVS Health, Home Depot, and Rite-Aid by publishing a chemicals policy and a public Restricted Substances List.

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