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Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

Connections Through Coffee: a Journey to Guatemala
Journey with Celina Lima, a fellow with Fair Trade Campaigns, to a coffee cooperative in Guatemala to lean about the true impact and benefits that Fair Trade has brought to their communities and individual lives.

Social Impact & Volunteering

How Fair Trade Is Helping Smallholder Coffee Farmers Succeed
Fair Trade USA is the leading fair trade certifying body in North America, operating globally alongside the European-based Fairtrade International. Colleen Anunu, Fair Trade USA’s Senior Manager of Supply Chain, reflects on some of fair trade’s achievements and challenges, with a focus on the coffee sector. She also explains how Fair Trade USA and Oikocredit are teaming up to reduce price risks for coffee farmers.

Events, Media & Communications

Celebrate International Coffee Day With a Cup of Fair Trade Coffee
This year, celebrations of International Coffee Day start on Friday, September 29 and culminate on Sunday, October 1, resulting in probably the most alert weekend of 2017. It’s also a great time to join Fair Trade USA’s #JustOneCup campaign and support coffee farmers across the globe.

Responsible Production & Consumption

The Power of Your Cup on National Coffee Day
For National Coffee Day on September 29th, choose Just One Cup of Fair Trade Certified coffee to support farmers and farmworkers around the world, most of whom are currently facing extreme challenges that are affecting their livelihoods and threatening their very existence.

Sustainable Development Goals

Working to Make Coffee the World’s First Sustainable Agricultural Commodity
At Fair Trade USA we have long worked with a diverse range of stakeholders to deliver on our mission to empower farmers and workers around the world.Recently a new ally, the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, has emerged to help build a shared space for organizations to come together, share lessons and build a vision for coffee to become the world’s first sustainable agricultural commodity.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Hugh Jackman Wants You to Drink Better Coffee

Responsible Production & Consumption

The Secret Ingredient for a Great Cup of Coffee: Hint, It's Not What You Think

Innovation & Technology

How Fair Trade Went From a Crazy Coffee Concept to a Global Sustainability Trend

Responsible Production & Consumption

Peru: The Perfect Merge of Quality Coffee and Sustainability

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Fair Trade Certified™ Coffee Imports Top the Charts
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