National Coffee Day 2019

Honoring Nat cofee day with our Just One Cup campaign, including a petition.

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Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

Albertsons Companies, The Kroger Co., and Williams-Sonoma Announce Major Commitments to Fair Trade Certified Coffee as Part of Sustainable Coffee Challenge
Fair Trade USA announces another round of historic commitments made by leading retailers Albertsons, Kroger, and Williams Sonoma in support of sustainable coffee sourcing and improved farmer livelihoods. Coffee farmers around the world have been struggling with record low C-Market prices for the last year, and the Sustainable Coffee Challenge is one way that the coffee industry is taking action to bring about positive change.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Fair Trade USA Calls on Consumers to Help Save Coffee Industry in Peril
Fair Trade USA®'s #JustOneCup campaign encourages coffee drinkers to choose Fair Trade Certified™ options as part of its #JustOneCup campaign to help lift farmers across the world out of poverty on National Coffee Day, Sunday, September 29th.
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  6. National Coffee Day 2019
    Honoring Nat cofee day with our Just One Cup campaign, including a petition.
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