Breaking Out of the CSR Box: How to Build Social Impact Into Your Whole Business

Oct 26, 2018 10:25 AM ET
Source: TriplePundit / Deloitte

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By Amy Silverstein and Megan Schumann, Monitor Institute by Deloitte

In recent years, the push for businesses to be about more than business and embrace a social purpose has risen from a murmur among millennial workers and the occasional CEO to a resounding call across the business world. Executives, employees, consumers, and even investors are looking beyond the bottom line and asking, “What does it really mean for companies to have social impact?”

Traditionally, corporate social impact has focused largely on activities such as donations, sponsorships, community relations and volunteerism, and over the last decade or two, companies often centralized these responsibilities within their corporate social responsibility (CSR) unit.

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