Brazilian Social Projects Supported by CNH Industrial Helped More Than 1,250 People in 2022

Feb 2, 2023 4:00 PM ET
A group of students on stage with a small orchestra and conductor, all the students wearing "Mano Down" t-shirts.
New Holland Construction supported the Mano Down Institute in 2022

In 2022, CNH Industrial brand New Holland Construction and CNH Industrial Capital supported several social programs and cultural projects in Minas Gerais, Brazil – the location of its New Holland plant.

Across the year, 20 organizations received resources that advanced education, art, sport, culture and social inclusion. Over 1,250 people benefitted directly and almost 8,000 indirectly. Additionally, several initiatives involved volunteers, and partners and employees of CNH Industrial.

2022 saw CNH Industrial further increase the resources allocated to social projects. It has enabled the number of initiatives served to grow even more.

"We know that the pandemic increased inequality. That's why social responsibility actions are so fundamental in a year of economic recovery, especially those focused on education, job creation and income. They will help families structure themselves financially and provide more opportunities for young people," said Erika Michalick, CNH Industrial's Sustainability Manager for Latin America.

Through the Plant & Build initiative, New Holland Construction and CNH Industrial Capital promote social actions in the Contagem factory region and directly support the development of local village Vila Frigo Diniz. The companies engage in activities that benefit children, adolescents and the elderly. The project is a partnership with the Cooperation for Development and Housing (CDM), a non-profit organization that promotes the link between companies, communities and public management.

One initiative stemming from the Plant & Build program is the Young Worker Path, which aims to strengthen youth leadership. During one semester, 25 students from the Heitor Villa Lobos Municipal School participated in classes, lectures, technical visits and received individual mentoring. Students had 70 hours of activities focused on topics such as self-knowledge, communication, work ethics, digital platforms, innovation, entrepreneurship and participation in selective processes. After completing the activities, 12 participants found employment.

New Holland Construction was also a partner of the Mano Down Institute for the second year running. The non-profit organization serves over 500 families of people with Down’s Syndrome or other learning disabilities in Belo Horizonte (MG) and the metropolitan region. It promotes the development, autonomy and inclusion of participants and their families through cultural and sports activities, education and job placement. In 2022, New Holland Construction supported several of Mano Down’s projects. The brand also helped the institute expand by financing part of the construction of a new space.

"The impact of these initiatives on society are extremely important. I realize that significant changes in public awareness, policies and economic practices are still needed. However, the increase in support for social actions can be a step towards a future in which this positive social impact, generated by social actions, is inherent in all business practices," said Giovanni Borgonovo, Marketing Manager at New Holland Construction.

The companies also supported other cultural projects, such as the PoloBH Theater Festival, Urban Art Circuit (CURA) and the Tiradentes Literary Fair (FLITI).

Jessica Kosak, Marketing and Communications Manager at CNH Industrial Capital Latin America, believes that supporting projects that promote improvements in all instances is a priority:

"This is our contribution to a fairer and more balanced world and a way to strengthen our commitment to sustainable development and the democratization of culture, education, health and social welfare."