Banorte is Today’s... Strong Bank of Mexico

Banorte is Today’s... Strong Bank of Mexico


  • Banorte has been identified as an institution with experience and leadership in Mexico, standing out as an "institution that thinks about their customers". 
  • The value of the Banorte brand is close to $2 billion dollars.
  • Banorte has positioned itself as a serious, honest, solid, socially responsible bank committed to its customers and society.  

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Monday, September 14, 2015 - 12:05pm

CAMPAIGN: Valor Económico

CONTENT: Press Release

September 14, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Over time Grupo Financiero Banorte has distinguished itself as a committed and socially responsible institution, working every day to foster Mexico’s development. Working to the fullest by providing customers with total satisfaction through various products and services placed at their disposal, as well as its other stakeholders, thanks to our different economic, social and environmental initiatives.

To become a recognized brand whose value today amounts to almost $2 billion dollars, we have promoted company actions and practices that distinguish us, along with a solid reputation as leaders in the market, among those which stand out are:

  • Ethical corporate practices: Grupo Financiero Banorte makes a daily commitment to act in a socially responsible manner, always complying with the highest international standards. As a result, we form part of the main indexes that analyze and assess the sustainable performance of organizations, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index and the IPC Sustainable Index of the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV).
  • The transformation program: underway within our institution aims to improve the value proposition for the customer, that is to say all areas are united in a common effort to provide customers with solid products that help them become stronger. This, combined with our name and prestige as a great Mexican institution, reaffirms their choice, which translates into a tangible value over time.                                                                              
  • Our team’s attitude is crucial: our great strength is having committed, recognized people who find personal and professional fulfillment in their work, and who are very happy to work in a solid institution. That is why in Banorte we focus on strengthening and transmitting this intangible drive of our brand among our employees.                                             
  • Clear and well directed communication: our ability to successfully direct our internal and external communications with clear and well-defined messages, has positioned our brand very positively in the market:

According to an Advertising Tracking and Image follow-up study , Banorte was identified as an institution with experience and leadership in Mexico, contributing to society, and standing out as an "institution that thinks about its customers" by offering them the best products with excellent service and personalized attention. Providing unique and significant customer experiences strengthens a lasting relationship, thereby increasing profitability for GFNorte.

According to surveys conducted by Interbrand, the Banorte trademark is ranked among the 16 major brands in Mexico. It is important to highlight that Banorte is the only brand of the financial sector to be included in the list.  Our slogan "Banorte, the strong Mexico Bank" has also positioned us as a serious, honest and solid bank. 

The rising recognition of our brand over the past four years has ranked as the third largest bank in Mexico in 2014.

  • Customer satisfaction: We have obtained the preference, loyalty and recommendation of our customers because of our commitment to listen to them and take actions that benefit their “experience”, which increases the value of our products and services, and at the same time improves the current offer. This coupled with best practices and quality indicators that show satisfaction with the service and efficiency of our processes, results in our permanence and market position.

As an aligned institution, we have been able to provide a progressively stronger value for our brand, that invests to enhance its capacity to be increasingly more relevant to customers, with talented and focused people, well directed communication and values that distinguish us as a committed and socially responsible company, that promotes Mexico’s development. Therefore, doubling the value of our brand in one year is not a minor achievement. It means that our image is increasingly more positioned in consumers’ minds conveying reliability, responsiveness and competitiveness... because together, we make a stronger Mexico.