Banorte is the Best Experience for Clients and Community

Banorte is the Best Experience for Clients and Community


  • In 2014 GFNorte created the Customer Experience Department, responsible for monitoring and establishing actions to better understand our customers.
  • All of our products, services and processes are focused on satisfy the customer’s needs.
  • Banorte has implemented various socio-economic initiatives and programs that help us to develop healthy, long-term relationships with customers.
Friday, September 18, 2015 - 9:00am

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CONTENT: Press Release

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September 18, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Every day at Grupo Financiero Banorte we focus our efforts to improve and strengthen our relationship with customers, since without a doubt they are the reason we are here and that is why we seek to become their strongest ally and grow together.

With our customers as the main motor, in 2014 we created the Customer Experience Department, a specialized area to monitor and establish actions that allow us to understand better customers and thereby offer greater satisfaction. 

The objectives of this department are:

  • Placing the customer at the core of our business directing all of our products, services and processes to the customer, thereby increasing our profitability. 
  • Build a culture of customer service, which will allow us to identify and meet their needs and innovate in the ways to achieve this.
  • Facilitate GFNorte’s offering of service models with profitable, industrializable, sustainable, simple, functional and predictable characteristics.

In addition, as part of our interest in developing healthy, long-term relationships with our customers, we seek to understand those circumstances and special moments they could be experiencing; paying particular attention to those in which our support could be essential to make our customers feel supported and protected. As a result of this awareness, some of the programs and initiatives we implemented on 2014 were:

  • Contract Financing Program for Federal Government SME suppliers: Financing with a 70% Nafin guarantee for Federal Government SMEs supplier contracts.        
  • Program for economic reactivation in the State of Michoacan: With the aim of stimulating the economic recovery of Michoacán, Banorte offers SMEs of the state this new financing with Nafin guarantee at 100%.
  • Emergency Support Program to SMEs affected by Hurricane Odile in the State of Baja California Sur: Also concerned about the socio-economic wellbeing of Baja California Sur, GFNorte offers this new funding with the 100% Nafin guarantee to SMEs affected by Hurricane Odile.

Some of our socio-environmental initiatives promoted during 2014 were:         

  • Gender Awareness: A serie of actions to promote equality and wellbeing within and outside of Grupo Financiero Banorte.    
  • Working for my Planet: As the name suggests, the goal of this project is to promote environmental care through various institutional programs and regional initiatives proposed and supported by our employees and in which we seek to have our stakeholders actively involved.
  • Jugando Jugando (Playing, Playing):.  With the purpose of providing joy and happiness, Banorte performs its annual year-end toy drive, for children and adolescents in public hospitals and orphanages, as well for the children of our security and cleaning staff. In 2014 we collected 40,710 toys, which were distributed in more than 150 institutions.

Our vocation, being a financial services company, allows us realize that the root of our business lies in our relationships with people; therefore with every step that we take, we think of our customers. We know that to achieve their well-being and their economic and social prosperity, we must offer them our support; opportunely detecting and satisfying the needs that arise at each stage of their lives.

In the performance of our daily duties we treat each customer so that they perceive Banorte as the strong Bank of Mexico... because together, we make a stronger Mexico.