9/11 Day of Service Through Pro Bono

Nonprofits and skilled volunteers across the country gathered to tackle challenges through pro bono
Sep 20, 2017 2:05 PM ET

The Taproot Foundation gathered nonprofits and skilled volunteers across the country to celebrate 9/11 Day of Service through pro bono, supported by American Express. Organizations in New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco brought their challenges to Taproot’s Speed Consulting workshop to garner insights from industry experts in such areas as marketing, HR, strategy, and finance.

“It’s humbling to see different social organizations and hear about all the work they are involved in – something us consultants in the for-profit sector don’t get to experience all that often” noted Sue, one volunteer. “I just want to take a minute to recognize how awesome these non-profits are. The work they do is incredible and I’m so impressed by their missions,” said volunteer Colleen.

Nonprofits found the events equally impactful. The “session was invaluable, and [we] walked away eager to explore additional opportunities to connect with Taproot volunteers,” said Music Forward, an organization that participated in the LA workshop.

Engaging in pro bono service offers a unique way to honor and mark 9/11. Our volunteers and nonprofits show us that despite the ugliness of that day, our communities are growing, thriving, and eager to continue building a stronger country. Pro bono is the fastest growing employee engagement program according to CECP. Interested in joining the growing corporate movement to give back in new ways? Connect with Taproot