31 Days of Hope, Thousands of Meals at KFC South Africa

Nov 26, 2014 9:30 AM ET

Yum! Global Newsroom: Community

KFC South Africa has concluded its “31 Days of Hope” campaign, which just during the month of October raised US$340,000 for hunger relief. This brings the brand's 2014 hunger relief total to US$4.8 million, funds that will enable KFC continue to help feed 70,000 South African children each day.

The campaign, part of the brand's Add Hope activities, shared a series of videos featuring children who receive WFP meals. Each video included a child explaining what he or she hopes to achieve in life, a heart-warming way to emphasize the importance of nutritious meals to growth, development and success.

“We would like to send a special thank you to all the children from the beneficiaries we support who shared their hopes and dreams, allowing us to take South Africans on a journey of hope this World Hunger Month,” said Lauren Turnbull, CSR and Sponsorship Manager, KFC South Africa.

David Brown from Joint Aid Management South Africa, one of Add Hope's partners on the ground, said the program is essential to his organization's work. “The funding we get for our feeding program from Add Hope makes it possible for us to give thousands of children a better start in life by ensuring they have food in their tummies, so we can focus on other needs such as education, health and infrastructure development,” he said. “Add Hope provides us with around 30 percent of our funding, and this gives us a way to help the children achieve their dreams.”