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Verizon believes that creating healthy, sustainable communities is the surest path to creating a healthy and sustainable business. We’re minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and developing solutions that break down old technology barriers and empower businesses and...
People with disabilities make up about 20% of the population, but are featured in less than 2% of the images we see in the media. The images we see are far from real, and far from enough.Let’s change that.Verizon, Getty Images and the National Disability Leadership Alliance have partnered to...
Over the next three years, Verizon will invest up to $100 million in our education work to ensure that more students – particularly those in underserved communities – benefit from technology enabled education and digital learning.We've seen how ongoing teacher training and...
Widespread access to our high-speed networks can bring new digital solutions to old problems and transform the delivery model for healthcare.Learn more here >>
We are committed to the health of families and communities by preventing domestic violence through education, awareness, and support.Learn more here >> 



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