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With a promise to relentlessly drive better health for all, we harness our collective power to create enduring change for the health of humanity.

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We work every day to ensure the next generation is healthier than the last. We do so by promoting lifelong health and wellbeing, employee health, and environmental health.
We envision a future where the essential resources needed for good health, from clean air, water and good nutrition to essential surgery, medicines and accurate information, are within reach of every person. This includes harnessing the power of technology to enable education and access to care and...
We are committed to eradicating and preventing disease through partnership. Our breadth gives us a unique view into the helath challenges facing families and communities. We work without boundaries or borders, partnering with entrepreneurs, NGOs, scientists, corporation, governments and others to...
Our annual report shares how we hold ourselves accountable to those who entrust their lives – and communities – to us. With a promise to relentlessly drive better health for all, we are focused on eradicating and preventing disease, reimagining care delivery, and putting a healthy...

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