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Children International is a top-rated humanitarian organization focused on ending poverty by helping children and youth.

Children International



Local volunteers who live in and are part of the impoverished communities Children International serves dedicate their time and energy to enhancing the lives of children. Children International's Inspire Award was designed to celebrate their outstanding contributions.
In communities where we operate, our local field staff are among the first to provide aid during natural disasters and other emergencies, assisting families with food, water, medicine, clothing and housing support.
Children International’s Community Literacy Program promotes the love of reading, a culture of literacy and the acquisition of knowledge among children, youth and adults by providing quality books, reference materials and other educational items for classrooms and libraries through our...
Children International knows the importance of social and financial literacy when it comes to helping children overcome economic challenges. Through our partnership with Aflatoun, we give children and youth the opportunity to develop critical-thinking skills, learn how to manage resources, propose...
Children International is responding to victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan with essential aid and is utilizing its crisis response network built over 30 years of operating in the Philippines.Donate Now You can help by donating to provide relief to those affected by Typhoon Haiyan.


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