YUM! University: Developing Our Talent

YUM! University: Developing Our Talent

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016 - 11:20am

As a global company with nearly 43,000 restaurants and 1.5 million employees worldwide, Yum! is dedicated to programs that not only grow our business, but also allow employees around the globe to tap into their talents in order to explore personal and professional growth.

Yum! University was established as a development platform centered on Building People Capability.  Courses are offered online and in traditional classroom settings where all employees can build skills, share best practices and develop relationships across brands and across countries.

The course offerings were designed with three main criteria in mind: leadership excellence, culture excellence and functional excellence.  By empowering employees to own their leadership, fostering a strong recognition culture, and instilling executional skills to drive growth, we ensure that our core business goals are met by aligning them with our people-building goals.

Yum! University uses Global Signature Programs (GSPs) facilitated by global leaders and market learning teams in order to provide opportunities for all employees to assimilate into Yum! culture and grow and develop as leaders:

Achieving Breakthrough Results is an interactive workshop that introduces new team members to Yum!’s community of Culture Excellence. The course encourages employees to combine action, thinking, and intentionality in order to unlock their potential and consistently go for breakthrough.

How We Lead is a series of workshops targeted to Yum! leaders to dive deeper into our core leadership principles.  This program merges personal leadership, people leadership and business leadership in order to drive results and grow future leaders.

Leadership Accel is a transformational experience that focuses on Leadership Growth. The course strives to grow participants into inspirational leaders of leaders by honing critical thinking and decision-making skills that can be reflected in personal coaching.

To learn more about Yum! University and how we build our people’s capability, please visit: http://yumcsr.com/people/building-capability.asp.