WELL Story: Fitness at MNP Tower

WELL Story: Fitness at MNP Tower

by Madeleine Evans

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - 9:15am

Walking past the Vancouver waterfront, you may notice a striking building. This past year, MNP Tower achieved both LEED and WELL certification at the gold level. To achieve certification, the building owner, Oxford Properties, has implemented an array of innovative strategies to help improve the health and wellness of people who work at and visit MNP Tower. What we find particularly unique about MNP Tower is how the building embraces WELL’s Fitness concept. Featuring amenities ranging from bike storage to a rock climbing wall, MNP Tower is a world class destination for the fitness enthusiast. We’ve taken a closer look at MNP Tower’s stand-out design and programming strategies.

What types of fitness amenities does MNP Tower provide to tenants?

Within Oxford Place there are a multitude of fitness amenities easily accessible to all tenants through a connected underground walkway. Within the Marine Building there is a 5,400 square foot fitness center that includes a variety of top of the line exercise equipment as well as towel service, men’s and women’s infrared saunas, laundry service and lockers. In the Guinness Tower there is a bike facility which offers private, rentable bicycle lockers. This also includes bicycle storage rooms where there is a pump, repair stand, and a range of tools all available for use. MNP Tower also houses the Oxford Playground, which includes a bouldering wall, ping pong table, as well as an exercise room used for yoga and a number of group training classes.

Not interested in activity inside the building? Just go outside! In addition to the numerous opportunities for indoor exercise, Harbour Green Park is also nearby, providing open space by the water and access to a running trail and bike path along the Sea Wall. The path also connects to Vancouver’s iconic Stanley Park.

How does MNP Tower promote daily physical activity for those who may not actively engage with fitness offerings?

Stairs are a great example of an easy way buildings can passively promote physical activity. While Oxford Place includes a number of spaces dedicated to fitness activities, the activated stairwell in MNP Tower allows people to passively integrate physical activity into their daily routine. 35 stories tall, MNP Tower’s stairwell includes inviting features such as elevated lighting and attractive signage and artwork so that people want to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Tenants can also access their floors via the stairwell using a keycard system.

What were the goals associated with implementing such a range of offerings?

Derek Page, Oxford Properties’ Vice President of Real Estate Management for Vancouver says, “We aimed to create the complex with the best range of amenities of any place in the city. A place where people enjoy spending their days, and can enjoy both work and play. A place where they can benefit from multiple fitness facilities and a wide selection of healthy foods from local retailers. Our thought was that by doing this it will help to drive tenant satisfaction, attraction and retention, and ultimately our business results. This is proving to be the case.”

Want to experience some of the fitness amenities at Oxford Place for yourself? Check out the 360-degree virtual tour of the fitness center, bike facility, playground, and stairwell here.

To learn more about fitness and physical activity, their relationship to health and buildings and strategies to promote active lifestyles, download our new WELL app, Build WELL.