Twitter Chat: Yum! Brands Discusses Global Hunger Relief Efforts with Agency Partners in Preparation for World Food Day at #3pYumChat

Twitter Chat: Yum! Brands Discusses Global Hunger Relief Efforts with Agency Partners in Preparation for World Food Day at #3pYumChat

Join 3p, Yum! Brands, World Food Programme & Food Donation Connection on 10/15 for a Twitter Chat about global hunger relief efforts and World Food Day.

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Monday, September 21, 2015 - 9:35am

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There are 795 million people suffering from chronic hunger around the world according to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).  This means that one in nine people globally, many of whom are children, are going to bed hungry each night.  As one of the world’s largest restaurant companies, Yum! Brands believes it is their privilege and responsibility to address the global hunger issue.

During this hour-long Twitter Chat, we’ll take an in-depth look at Yum! Brands’ World Hunger Relief effort, which is the world’s largest private sector hunger relief initiative, spanning more than 125 countries, over 41,000 KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants and 1.5 million associates. We will hear from their largest World Hunger Relief partner, WFP, on the success this initiative has achieved since 2007 by raising awareness, volunteerism and funds to help create a world with zero hunger.

Yum! Brands also addresses hunger in the U.S. through its Harvest program. Since 1992, the Food Donation Connection (FDC) has coordinated the donation of more than 176 million pounds of the Company’s food to over 3,000 nonprofit organizations – a fair market value of nearly $820 million.  Since its launch over two decades ago, Yum! Harvest has become the largest prepared-food donation program in the world. Hear from the FDC on how they are teaming together with the Company to expand the Harvest program globally.

As we prepare for World Food Day on October 16th, we know the need to fight global hunger is as important as ever.

During #3pYumChat, we will address the following topics, and more:

  • How Yum! Brands’ effort has raised $600 million in cash and food donations for WFP and other hunger relief agencies since 2007.
  • How WFP, the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide, delivers food in emergencies and is working to build resilience in communities across the globe. In 2014, WFP assisted more than 80 million people in 75 countries.
  • How the Yum! Harvest program, in partnership with FDC, offers a fantastic alternative to discarding surplus food domestically and internationally. FDC helps to coordinate the donation of over 10 million pounds of prepared food every year from Yum! restaurants to worthy nonprofit organizations.

Bring your questions for our guests, and they’ll answer as many as they can during the chat!


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