Submission Call: CSR/Sustainability Communications and Reporting

Submission Call: CSR/Sustainability Communications and Reporting

by David Connor
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David Connor

Monday, January 5, 2015 - 12:30pm

Each month in 2015, CSRwire will be using our resources to ignite the debate around particular values based business areas. Today, we are announcing January's Talkback Editorial Series on ‘Communications and Reporting.’

It’s our goal at CSRwire to light a fire through original content and facilitating social media engagement to shine a spotlight on how we could more productively communicate our successes, behind the scenes stories, research, reports and tougher challenges.

We will be directly sourcing perspectives from industry, government and NGO thought leaders for honest opinion and insight, but we also want to provide an open platform for communications innovation and impact for anyone working at the social and environmental front lines as the often lesser-known champions of today and emerging leaders of tomorrow.

We know that 'Communications and Reporting' covers a substantial range of issues. The topic is intentionally broad to make sure we encourage strong engagement as we constantly refine our editorial programme throughout the coming year. While the topic is broad, we are particularly (but not exclusively) eager to inspire, read and share articles around the following specific suggestions we think need to be explored further:

  • CSR / Sustainability / Integrated Reporting
  • Investor Relations
  • Social media for CSR / sustainability
  • Stakeholder engagement       
  • Employee communications
  • Partnerships
  • Supply chain challenges
  • CSR / Sustainability badges and labels

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David has a 17-year history working in the CSR and sustainability field, initially in community engagement at Everton Football Club where he spent eight years.  Following his work at Everton, David founded Coethica, a consultancy focused on communications and strategic development including engagements with some of the world’s leading companies including Microsoft, Timberland, L’Oreal, UBM, Diageo, Societé General and SAP. David has also actively supported and campaigned for social change with numerous non-profit board level positions. David worked with 3BL Media during the initial launch of the company in 2009.