To Stand Up for Quality of Life is to Stand Up For a Certain Idea of Human Progress

To Stand Up for Quality of Life is to Stand Up For a Certain Idea of Human Progress

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015 - 12:30pm

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In May, 300 business, community, government, media and academic leaders representing 30 nationalities convened in New York City for the inaugural Quality of Life Conference, hosted by Sodexo.  The two-day conference brought together a diverse group of expert speakers to explore and understand the value of quality of life and its impact on business and society. Participants were able to share ideas, explore new trends, study best practices, consider future visions and learn from experts with unique and inspiring points of view. One of the preeminent themes was that performance at work is directly tied to quality of life.  Therefore, if we want better, more profitable businesses, we need to foster a happier and productive workforce.  The Quality of Life Conference Report is a culmination of key viewpoints, learnings and takeaways that will both educate and inspire on the benefits and impact of improving quality of life. 

The Following is an excerpt from Sodexo’s Global CEO Michel Landel’s Opening Remarks at the Quality of Life Conference in New York City
Our world is in the throes of profound demographic, sociological, economic and environmental change. This change presents unprecedented Quality of Life challenges. The ageing of the world’s population, the scarcity of natural resources, rampant urbanization and sprawling mega-cities — these are fundamental changes that translate into major upheavals for our society.

At Sodexo, every part of our business has been affected. Whether in hospitals, universities, companies, or working with seniors at home, we occupy a pivotal place in these transformations. We are committed to anticipating them and integrating them into our strategy and our services, turning them into springboards for improving Quality of Life for consumers.

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