Speedy Support from FedEx for Sandy Relief Gets Big Thank You from Direct Relief

Speedy Support from FedEx for Sandy Relief Gets Big Thank You from Direct Relief

by Shane O'Connor
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - 3:45pm

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Earlier this month I participated in the Partners for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD) conference sponsored by FedEx and hosted by Direct Relief. Direct Relief is one of four major relief organizations with which FedEx works year round. They are the only NGO licensed to distribute pharmaceuticals in all 50 US States. Pharmaceutical companies donate product to them and they use the products to help a network of more than a thousand health clinics serve disadvantaged people across the US. They also provide medicines and medical supplies to NGOs around the world. Though we work with Direct Relief year round, our relationship gets really busy in times of disaster.

During the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy in the northeastern US, FedEx worked closely with Direct Relief to deliver critically needed medical supplies to people in need. The speed with which we were able to do this was unrivaled and so appreciated by both Direct Relief and the organizations they work with. While I was at the PQMD conference I had a side meeting with my friends at Direct Relief. They played a one and a half minute video for me at the beginning of the meeting basically saying “thank you” for the help we gave them immediately following Sandy.

I wanted to make the video available on our blog so that my FedEx friends and other stakeholders can hear and see firsthand about our support for this wonderful relief organization.