- Credit Suisse (VTX:CSGN) Credit Suisse Corporate Responsibility Report 2011 - Credit Suisse (VTX:CSGN) Credit Suisse Corporate Responsibility Report 2011

The report documents Credit Suisse's efforts to assume its corporate responsibilities through 2011
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Friday, March 23, 2012 - 11:15am

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(3BL Media) March 23, 2012 - Credit Suisse publishes Corporate Responsibility Report 2011

The Corporate Responsibility Report documents Credit Suisse’s efforts to assume its corporate responsibilities through 2011. It forms part of the bank’s annual reporting suite and has been independently assured by SGS for the first time and assigned the GRI rating "A+". It is available online at: A Responsibility Chronicle featuring online articles, videos and picture galleries adds a multimedia dimension to the publication.
The report is structured into five chapters that focus on Credit Suisse’s responsibilities as a global bank, employer and member of society, as well as its commitment to protecting the environment and the importance it assigns to its dialogue with stakeholders. Selected highlights from the report:
• Underscoring its efforts to be a trusted advisor to its clients, Credit Suisse achieved a 95% satisfaction score in a global survey of Private Banking clients and attracted CHF 40.9 billion of net new assets in 2011;
• A bank-wide employee engagement survey had a 73% engagement score – exceeding the industry average and indicating the high level of­ employee satisfaction with the working environment and development opportunities offered by Credit Suisse;
• To help build stronger communities and drive social development, 17,415 Credit Suisse employees worldwide volunteered a total of 189,000 hours to help others in 2011;
• As part of its environmental focus in client-facing activities, Credit Suisse assessed 295 potential transactions involving sensitive industries in 2011 and published policies and guidelines on these sectors. It continued to offer sustainable products and services, e.g. through its Green Business Initiative;
• Credit Suisse supported efforts to build a more robust financial system, engaging in a dialogue with regulators and industry representatives. In February 2011, it issued innovative Buffer Capital Notes, demonstrating its proactive approach to addressing the ‘Too Big to Fail’ issue

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