Pro Bono Service: Not Just for Lawyers Anymore!

Pro Bono Service: Not Just for Lawyers Anymore!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - 9:10am

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Did you know that pro bono service is the fastest growing domestic volunteer program among leading global companies in the last three years? According to CECP’s report on trends in corporate societal engagement, Giving in Numbers: 2016 Edition, the percentage of companies offering pro bono services in the US increased from 43% in 2013 to 54% in 2015. What’s more, CECP’s report on international corporate giving – Giving Around the Globe – also found an uptick in this skills-based volunteering practice with global companies reporting a rise in pro bono opportunities from 17% to 24%.

Why are companies embracing pro bono service so wholeheartedly? At CECP, we’ve heard from our companies that offering pro bono services can significantly amplify their corporate societal engagement impact simultaneously in the community and in the business. Employees want a break from the norm and a way to demonstrate their values and passions through the work. Pro bono offers a way for employees, through their companies, to make deep connections with community partners.

Offering a skills-based volunteering opportunity to your employees is an ideal way to develop their leadership skills and create a stronger sense of purpose, among other benefits. Companies that offer pro bono service are infusing a strong corporate culture into their long-term strategy and reinforcing it with the right incentives.

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