Nature Needs Heroes: Kathleen Ellie on Living a Sustainable Lifestyle

Nature Needs Heroes: Kathleen Ellie on Living a Sustainable Lifestyle

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Meet @KathleenElie, the Editor-in-Chic of the lifestyle blog #ConsciousNChic, a one-stop resource on living a #sustainable and ethical lifestyle. She's one of @Timberland's heroes for nature, devoting their talents to making a difference. #NatureNeedsHeroes


Meet Kathleen Ellie, one of the changemakers in Timberland's Nature Needs Heroes campaign who devote their talents to make a difference and committ to building a better future for the environment and the people who live in it. 

Thursday, December 26, 2019 - 2:00pm

CAMPAIGN: Timberland’s Commitment to Responsibly Made Products

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As the Editor-in-Chic of her lifestyle blog, Kathleen Elie is a one-stop online resource on living a sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Kathleen's a hero making an impact by showing how nature and fashion can thrive together. She speaks, creates content and works with brands to effect positive change. Today, Conscious N Chic has evolved to not only cover sustainability in fashion but also in beauty, food, travel and tech.

"The word ‘heroes’ sounds like it’s a select group of people you look up to and can’t attain, but we all have the ability to drive progress!" - Kathleen Elie

Kathleen Elie has loved fashion from an early age. Her grandfather was a tailor and her mother a nurse by-trade but naturally-gifted designer. She grew up wearing her mom’s creations and learning about quality craftsmanship. It runs in her blood but she initially was pre-med and then studied business before something inside her “clicked” and led her to pursue a fashion career.

Through the Nature Needs Heroes campaign, we feature changemakers who've made a positive difference in the world - meet more Heroes here. Learn more about our commitment to the environment and our communities at our Responsibility Page.