A Message from our CEO, Antonio Neri, President and Chief Executive Officer at HPE

A Message from our CEO, Antonio Neri, President and Chief Executive Officer at HPE

2018 Living Progress Report
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"We live in an incredible time—where climate change, population, food, healthcare, and security all present urgent and interrelated challenges for our society." http://bit.ly/2k4BWzY a message from @HPE CEO, Antonio Neri. From the 2018 Living Progress Report

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 8:40am

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We live in an incredible time—where climate change, population, food, healthcare, and security all present urgent and interrelated challenges for our society. Fortunately, I believe technology can play an important role in addressing these rapidly-evolving global needs. And that is why we at HPE have dedicated ourselves to a clear, simple, and extremely important cause—developing and using technology to advance the way people live and work. 

To accelerate our purpose, I believe we must focus on three priorities as a company: investing in our culture, creating new value for our customers and partners, and doubling-down on sustainable innovation.


Being a purpose-driven organization starts from the inside. Our HPE Board and executive committee firmly believe that trust, integrity, and strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance are core to our business. We regularly discuss our ongoing efforts to build our culture, deepen our relationships with customers and partners, and bring to market innovative products and solutions which make our world better.

Our culture is centered on always doing the right thing. Good business always requires good judgment, and I continually stress the importance of “winning the right way.” Our culture must also be defined by our commitment to and progress in building a diverse and inclusive environment for our global team members. Two-thirds of our business is outside the U.S.—and our people and insights should mirror that. Our leaders and managers are now directly accountable for driving even-higher levels of inclusion and employee engagement, shaping an inclusive culture which will yield the innovative thinking needed to help our customers thrive.


HPE is focused on helping our customers harvest the economic potential of their data, from every edge to any cloud. We need to innovate faster, better, smarter— and use those innovations to solve our customers’ most vexing problems. Many of our partnership projects across healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and agriculture are tapping into previously unused data resources to reveal new solutions to social and environmental challenges.

Customers already consider HPE’s sustainable IT solutions to be a strategic differentiator. For example, HPE’s new supercomputer for the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory will advance research on energy technologies, including renewables, while at the same time delivering much greater compute power within a much smaller carbon footprint than the system it replaces. Our circular economy services and new consumption models offer our customers efficiency, flexibility, and upgradability to reduce the cost of IT, as well as its environmental impact, while also unlocking the value of their old IT assets for investment in new technologies.


Our team’s unique capability for innovation holds the promise of even bigger solutions. The limitations of our conventional computing systems are the main roadblock to utilizing vast resource pools of data for the good of society. We need to reinvent the most basic functions of a computing system from the ground up. Memory-Driven Computing is one approach that delivers an entirely new way of computing specifically designed for the Big Data era, reducing the time needed to process complex problems from days to hours. 

In one early pilot, a cutting-edge medical research project with biotech startup Jungla, our new Memory-Driven Computing Sandbox is processing massive sets of molecular data to more rapidly unlock medical breakthroughs hidden within patient genomes. I am confident that advancements such as this will play a key role in breaking through barriers to create meaningful change—making the impossible possible.

The challenges we’re facing are not insurmountable. And that’s why, after more than 20 years with HPE, this is the most exciting time of my career. Technology and data will be the key to enabling governments and businesses around the world to navigate a path to a sustainable future. Our world demands that we look ahead and defy convention. It is our duty—and HPE’s responsibility—to do so.

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