KFC and Pizza Hut Honduras Named Platinum Huge Heart Champion

KFC and Pizza Hut Honduras Named Platinum Huge Heart Champion

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Congrats to team Cambiando Hambre Por Esparanza http://bit.ly/1LANDod 2014 @YumBrands #Volunteer for Hope Platinum Huge Heart Champion!
Friday, March 20, 2015 - 2:45pm

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Congratulations to team Cambiando Hambre Por Esparanza, the 2014 Yum! Brands Volunteer for Hope Platinum Huge Heart Champion! This project was led by Honduras franchise partner, Comidas Especializadas from KFC and Pizza Hut, and included more than 500 team members and volunteers partnering with Vision Mundial to feed hungry children in the community and increase the rate of families participating in local feeding and nutrition programs. The team was awarded with a $25,000 grant to benefit Vision Mundial for making a lasting impact by helping to reduce the number of children suffering from malnutrition in the community.

Comidas and local food donors have been supporting Consonlaca since 2012, and have made five food donations totaling more than $70,000. Volunteers have spent 2,600 hours per year supporting this project, which includes a seven hour drive from the storage facility to the remote community of just 600 residents. Additionally, employees from Comidas in partnership with the World Food Programme have raised more than US $200,000 in donations for World Hunger Relief 2014 from customers at KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants as well as community patrons.

While Comidas has made a significant improvement to this community, getting support was not always easy. The group’s initial food collection did not have the necessary impact, so team members were taken to see the living conditions in Consonlaca. The reports of that team’s experience inspired additional collections and now the team is making two food donation deliveries per year with the hopes of achieving three per year in 2015.

Consonlaca has been declared a model community for the fight against hunger in Honduras, with child malnutrition falling from 20 children in 2013 to just two in 2014. The $25,000 grant will be awarded to Vision Mundial to continue their support of Consonlaca residents.

“We thank you. We really need it because we are families with limited resources, so it is very useful for the children,” said a Consonlaca beneficiary.

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