KFC South Africa ‘Spins’ for Add Hope Initiative

KFC South Africa ‘Spins’ for Add Hope Initiative

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.@KFCSA holds Spin-a-thon, raises $3000 for @KFCAddHope http://bit.ly/1j2IsRH @YumBrands
Wednesday, September 23, 2015 - 9:35am

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The KFC South Africa Supply Chain team recently hosted a ‘Spin-a-thon’ fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for their Add Hope initiative, a program designed to provide opportunities to give back in partnership with KFC.

The team approached family, friends and suppliers to sponsor them for every “km traveled” or to donate a lump sum. Virgin Active, the local community gym, donated their facilities to support the event where KFC Employees challenged other functions to join them spinning on stationary bikes to Add Hope for their Community. Spirits were high during the event with over 30 participants biking for more than 5 hours resulting in 4800 km or nearly 3,000 miles distance.

The KFC South Africa team was proud to announce they raised over $3,000 USD (41,000 ZAR) during the event which they will donate to a local charity during the month of September.

To learn more on how KFC employees are showing their huge hearts and giving back to their communities visit, http://www.addhopevolunteers.com .