Investing in the World’s Future Workforce with New College and Career Access Center

Investing in the World’s Future Workforce with New College and Career Access Center

Written by Floyd Middle School Students, Cobb County, Georgia

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 10:00am

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Written by Floyd Middle School Students: Lady Bacares, 8th Grade; Jonathan Douthit, 8th Grade; Derrick Fuller, 8th Grade; Kaylah Jackson, 8th Grade; Rahel Kefetew, 8th Grade; Amira McArthur, 6th Grade; Edgar Nolasco-Mendoza, 7th Grade; Sofiyat Raji, 7th Grade; and Kierstyn Smith, 6th Grade

FedEx, The Heart of America Foundation® and the Cobb County School District this month teamed up to give Floyd Middle School in metro Atlanta a new College and Career Access Center with resources for college preparation and career exploration. For the first time, FedEx created with The Heart of America Foundation® a Career Preparation and College Access Center that will be utilized by over 900 students at Floyd, which include 80% economically disadvantaged children. 

As part of Heart of America’s READesign program, FedEx volunteers placed finishing touches on the Center, completed outdoor beautification projects and distributed donated school supplies to teachers.  Through FedEx’s ongoing support, The Heart of America Foundation has distributed more than 19,012 books and created eight READesign Reading Corners. 

Through participation in the Heart of America’s READesign program, FedEx encourages students to learn more about the world and culture around them. 

Floyd Middle School Students had the opportunity to personally share their sentiments about the impact of the College and Career Access Center on the school and for them as they continue make plans for their future education and career goals…

Transforming Floyd Middle School for the better is a “miracle come true.”  The College and Career Access Center (CCAC) not only prepares us for the future but it will allow us to collaborate with each other and teachers.  We appreciate FedEx and the Heart of America Foundation for supplying resources such as books, collaboration tables and chairs, Makerspace, and a Mediascape Station.   Collaborating will help us improve our critical thinking and be “Engaged for Excellence.” 

CCAC also will benefit teachers who are facilitating learning for students.  The new technology, print and digital books, along with the privilege of having additional space to learn outside of the classroom will expand options to engage students and promote student productivity in a new and different way.  We can be creative and use our imagination to build inventions in a fresh and vibrant space.  Such a new environment will improve our learning experience.

Overall, CCAC will benefit the school and make it a better place for students to find college and career paths at an early age.  It will help us start to discover what we need to do now to prepare for certain careers.  With the new collaboration space, students can work creatively to “Make a Difference.” Our new CCAC provides a great place for us to plan our future.  New doors are opened; new opportunities will arise and borders will fall.


This project was part of FedEx Cares Week, which serves as the formal kick-off to the annual FedEx Cares United Way volunteer campaign and celebrates the spirit of volunteerism, collaboration and community at FedEx.  More than 10,000 FedEx team members from around the world volunteer more than 55,000 hours to celebrate the 11th anniversary of FedEx Cares Week.