I'm Just a Kid

I'm Just a Kid

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[VIDEO] Hear the dreams of children in #fostercare being helped by @DTFA http://bit.ly/1Mb4hfC
Monday, April 11, 2016 - 10:05am

CAMPAIGN: DTFA: Foster Care Adoption Awareness

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Children of all ages have dreams and that doesn’t stop just because they enter the fostercare system. Hear the dreams of the children being helped by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiters. 

The Foundation was founded by Dave Thomas, who is also the founder of Wendy’s restaurants. He was adopted and believed strongly in social responsibility. He often said “These children are not someone else’s responsibility. They are our responsibility.”

Did you know that the DTFA distributes grants to public and private adoption agencies in the U.S. and Canada to hire specially trained adoption recruiters called Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiters? These recruiters use the Foundation’s signature child-focused model, which is up to 300% more effective than typical methods in finding permanent, loving homes for older children. 

Every child deserves a loving home; after all, children in foster care are just kids!

It’s easy to help further this mission. Visit davethomasfoundation.org to learn more about adopting from foster care or to make a donation.