GSK for You: More Information About Access to Medicines

GSK for You: More Information About Access to Medicines

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Patient assistance program from @GSKUS helps people who can't afford medicines

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Monday, August 27, 2012 - 6:00pm


GSK for You: More Information About Access to Medicines

By Anne, Manager GSK Patient Assistance Programs

I've been fortunate to work on GSK's Patient Assistance Programs for five years and I see first-hand how we assist  patients in need on a daily basis. Those of us who work on these programs are very proud of what we do and the help GSK provides individuals who can't afford their GSK medicine. Our programs assist patients who are unable to work due to their illness, those who are between jobs, and patients and families who may be adversely impacted by the economic downturn.

Often our team receives hand-written notes of appreciation from people who have used one of our programs to get the medicine they need. They submit comments like "My family falls 'between the cracks' and without this sort of help we would be in real trouble," and "you have been a Godsend to our family."

Last year alone GSK provided the equivalent of about 2.6 million 30-day prescription fills to close to half a million eligible patients who otherwise couldn't afford their GSK medicine.

To help patients navigate GSK's patient assistance programs and other cost savings offerings, we have enhanced one of GSK's key access Our new site not only provides a wealth of information for patients needing help paying for their medicines, it also features interactive eligibility tools and a video with step-by-step instructions on how to apply for help from the patient assistance programs offered by GSK.

We've spent a lot of time updating to make it a meaningful and useful site. By using the tools on the site, patients can find out in real-time if they might qualify for one of our patient assistance programs as well as which program is most appropriate for them. They can then go to that program's website and complete an application, and send it right from there. We also recognize that the US healthcare system is changing. Many patients, who previously did not have insurance, or weren't eligible for government insurance programs, will have access to healthcare once the healthcare reform law takes effect in 2014. On our site, healthcare providers and patients can view a healthcare reform timeline of events that may impact them and their families.

Find out for yourself what it's all about by visiting today.