GOOD WORKS! - Hives for Lives

GOOD WORKS! - Hives for Lives

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GOOD WORKS! - Hives for Lives interview by Susan Ditz
Tuesday, March 9, 2010 - 4:35pm


By Susan Ditz

Hives for Lives is the brainchild of two suburban Philadelphia teen entrepreneurs Molly and Carly Houlahan, who share-CEO responsibilities. Launched six years ago, the company was inspired by their grandfather who died of throat cancer.

What is Hives for Lives? “Hives for Lives is a non-profit organization that is powered completely by kids! Our motto is "Bee the Cure We Seek" …and our goal is to find a cure for cancer while empowering youth, spreading the awareness of the importance of honeybees, and making a difference in the world. Over the past six and half years we have expanded tremendously, raising over $170,000 towards bee-ting cancer, and increasing our sales into nine of the eleven Whole Foods Market regions across the nation.”

What got you interested in beekeeping? How did you learn to make lip balm, create packaging, do marketing? “When we were five and seven years old our (maternal) grandmother (a hobby beekeeper for 11 years) strapped us in two mini bee suits and we went into her bees for the first time. 

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