The Car, 2.0

Apr 6, 2010 10:00 AM ET
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Is the world ready for a new generation of cars, particularly the electric kind?  There are at least 41 teams hard at work, and competing for $10 million, on the assumption that the world is not just ready, but that it’s in desperate need for Car 2.0.  Energy and transportation analysts as well as green media sites like Earth2Tech have begun using the Car 2.0 moniker and predicting a sizable market opportunity.  The new electric car infrastructure has implications beyond reducing the highly toxic impact that current fossil fuel transportation has on the environment.  Electric cars will link to the smart grid, making them efficient and connected communicating transportation.

FVT is just one of the remaining 41 car teams (from a beginning field of 121) betting on the electric car of the future by participating in the Automotive X Prize.  The goal of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE is to inspire a new generation of viable, safe and super fuel-efficient vehicles.