GOOD WORKS: LocalDirt Tracks Farmed Food within 100 Miles

GOOD WORKS: LocalDirt Tracks Farmed Food within 100 Miles

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 - 1:25pm


When Heather Hilleran was working as a team leader at Whole Foods in Madison, WI, she was dismayed to discover how complicated it was for the store to buy from local farmers, which resulted in disappointed customers, frustrated farmers and way too much spoiled food needlessly ending up as compost. Her online company, Local Dirt, to solve these problems and improve food security with Internet technology, making the purchasing process easier and more efficient, especially for restaurants, grocery stores, schools and hospitals.  What she has created (imagine an online farmer’s market) is a sourcing system where individual customers, businesses and larger distributors can find out what’s being grown within 100 mile radius and buy it in real time.  At the same time, the Local Dirt website, which launched just a year ago, enables farmers to increase sales and build valuable relationships with their customers. 

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