Food Safety for Holiday Leftovers

Food Safety for Holiday Leftovers

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Do you know the proper #safety tips for handling your #holiday leftovers? #Sodexo provides you a few tips.
Wednesday, December 21, 2016 - 10:30am

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Are you guilty of just throwing your leftovers in the fridge as is after the big meal? Come out of your food coma and do it right. Holiday leftovers are a great way to use up excess food but require proper planning to ensure you use them safely.

At Sodexo, we have great systems that help us to predict what and how much of our food people typically eat.  However, no system is perfect so we do end up with leftovers.  To help ensure the safety and quality is maintained, proper cooling practices are taught to every food handling employee in Sodexo and practiced on a daily basis – this is part of our Zero Harm Mindset. To learn more about using your holiday leftovers safely, view tips from Brian Turner, Director of Product Quality Assurance for Sodexo.