Feeding Hope in Chile - Sodexo Donates Food & Resources to Feed Chile Miner Rescue Workers

Feeding Hope in Chile - Sodexo Donates Food & Resources to Feed Chile Miner Rescue Workers

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#Sodexo proud to play part at Chile mine rescue operation by feeding 50k meals to rescuers. Bienvenido a casa! http://3bl.me/8th6ye
Thursday, October 21, 2010 - 2:00pm


A few days after the mine accident in Chile, which trapped 33 men 2000 feet below the earth, our Sodexo Chile team mobilized all its capabilities and experience to deliver a requirement of every rescue worker – food.

Our teammates in Chile worked tirelessly to come up with a creative way to feed warm, nutritious meals to almost 300 people working 24 hours a day on the rescue effort. Our own Sodexo heroes were able to come up with the means necessary to move the required supplies and food from Santiago, the Capital of Chile, all the way to the rescue site, about 560 miles away.

A dozen of Sodexo’s people worked daily in this operation, who with great dedication and professionalism, ensured that nothing was lacking to those working in the rescue of 33 miners.

Sodexo began “feeding hope” on August 16th. At that time we didn’t know what the outcome would be. Six days later, on August 22nd, an incredible piece of good news filled the camp – all 33 miners were alive. The message out of the shaft: “Estamos bien en el refugio los 33” -- -- Translated, “All 33 of us are well inside the shelter.” We were so inspired day after day up to and including the moment each miner brought to the surface alive and well.

In almost two months of volunteer work, and in coordination with the authorities, Sodexo distributed more than 50,000 thousand meals, equivalent to 40 tons of food to rescuers, authorities, police and army forces, among other representatives.

We at Sodexo offered the donation of food and services to the local Government, because we realize during events such as these, we become one united people, all hoping for the same outcome. We had the means and the supplies, so we considered our involvement just part of our commitment as good corporate citizens. We are incredibly happy to see this mission of hope turn into a celebration of joy.

Janet Awad is director general of Sodexo operations in Chile.

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