Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Across AECOM’s wide spectrum of expertise, our people are thought leaders in their professions — with many having been internationally recognized for innovation and creativity in advancing leading-edge thinking. Our way of achieving success involves seeing the world a little differently than most companies. Every day, we’re working smarter and more sustainably — figuring out how we can make a bigger impact for our clients while creating a minimal impact on resources and our natural world. As we continue to develop outstanding solutions that impact thousands of lives in communities around the world, we look to share our powerful combination of experience, intelligence and desire as a thought leader in the shift towards a more sustainable future.

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AECOM Impact Blog: The Effects of a Silver Future
By: Dr. Thomas S.K. TangAECOM Corporate Sustainability Director, Asia Longevity, in general, will increase through better health care and lifestyle. The challenge that faces us in the future is that we will be supporting an aged population with limited means. This phenomena of a disproportionately larger elderly...
Sep 10, 2014 9:00 AM ET
AECOM Blog: Nine Things a Director of Sustainable Development Vows to Change
Ben Smith, AECOM's associate director and sustainability team leader for the company’s planning, design and economics operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, is committed to change during the next 12 months. Whether it’s growing veggies with his children or studying the ethics of his investments, he’s determined to give it a go. So what...
Aug 28, 2014 9:00 AM ET
To Solve Sustainability Problems, Ask Those Most Affected
“You may talk of the tyranny of Nero and Tiberius, but the real tyranny is the tyranny of your next-door neighbor.”  –Walter Bagehot, Editor-in-Chief of The Economist from 1860 to 1877. Over the years, Nero and Tiberius have made way for a large global host of dictators and oppressors whose deeds fill our media channels on a...
Aug 14, 2014 9:00 AM ET
Ability to Create Sustainable, Economically Viable Outcomes Stems from Humility
According to AECOM Chief Sustainability Officer Gary Lawrence, the unfortunate passing of Maya Angelou, the United Nations Economic and Social Council's meeting on sustainable urbanization, and the first conference on inclusive capitalism all share a common thread — revealing the world's pressing need for humility. ...
Jun 11, 2014 9:00 AM ET
Management, Measurement & Metrics
I’m sorry to trot out the old chestnut about “what gets measured is what gets managed,” but this last week has been a trying game of numbers for me. As I head toward the weekend, I am once again forced to question the utility of so much of what we spend our time measuring. From where we are standing today, the key questions are: ...
Jun 4, 2014 9:00 AM ET