Global Cities: Our Best Hope for a Sustainable Future

By: Gary Lawrence, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at AECOM
Jan 30, 2014 9:00 AM ET
Campaign: Thought Leadership
Learn more about the definition of a global city from AECOM's Gary Lawrence, vice president and chief sustainability officer.

Each of you has likely been involved in a meeting with the following characteristics:

  • Discussion takes place using common “terms of art” such as “global cities.”
  • Conclusions are reached and each person leaves the room knowing what was decided about actions to be taken and their roles and responsibilities.
  • A week or so later, a number of the meeting’s participants are feeling angry or betrayed because while the “term of art” was agreed to for many, the meaning was subtly or substantively different.

In my varied career roles, I’ve been involved in a number of meetings about global cities. In each meeting, it is assumed that everybody shares a common understanding of what a global city is. No meeting has ever begun with the question, “What is a global city?”

As is the case with many things regarding sustainability, the more I examine the term, the less certain I feel I understand the fundamental truth of it all...

For more from Gary Lawrence on the definition of a global city, check out the full article in Environmental Leader.



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