Safety for Life

Safety for Life
As a global company with nearly 100,000 employees, AECOM understands that safety must remain an essential part of our DNA in order to achieve our goal — to guide the industry as a safety thought leader by embedding health, safety, risk management and sustainability into all of our business activities.
And this is why Safety is one of our most important Core Values. From how we work inside the office to every decision that we make on a project site, the value of maintaining a healthy, vibrant workplace; protecting facilities, equipment and the environment; and, most importantly, ensuring the safety of our people is emphasized every step of the way.
With accolades including receiving three International Business Awards in the Health, Safety & Environment category, AECOM employees utilize innovative safety strategies and techniques on some of the world’s most challenging projects — from the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Stage 2A project in Hong Kong to the South Shamkha project in the United Arab Emirates.
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